Star- Talk

Patrick John flueger

Name: Patrick John Flueger
Role: Adam Ruzek (Chicago PD)
Birthday: December 10, 1983



OutofOneChicago: What do you like most about your role?
Patrick John Flueger: I like that Ruzek likes his job. He’s often entering dangerous situations, but still enjoys the work that he’s doing. Ruzek always wants to be the first in the door, that’s how much he loves it.

OutofOneChicago: A sentence we’ll soon hear from your role?
Patrick John Flueger: “Voight is my family, that’s what you don’t understand. They’re all my family. And I’m not giving them up for the likes of you.”

OutofOneChicago: Most funny person on the set?
Patrick John Flueger: Brian Luce, our technical advisor.

OutofOneChicago: How long are you shooting normally on one day?
Patrick John Flueger: A normal production day is 12 to 14 hours.

OutofOneChicago: How do you learn your text?
Patrick John Flueger: I try to go over my lines the night before. I find that if I read them and then sleep on it they settle into my brain that much better.

OutofOneChicago: What was the craziest/funniest fan reaction?
Patrick John Flueger: Jesse and I got into elevator in his building and there was a girl in the elevator. When she saw us, her mouth hit the floor, her eyes got wide and she backed up against wall like she was terrified. She started giggling because she was so excited and could hardly talk to us.

Thank you, Patrick for our time! It very nice speaking with you, hear you soon!