Set Costumer

Laura Freeman

Thank you Laura, for your time to answer my questions. It was great to get info about your job on set.

on set of chicago pD

Laura about her work on set

What is your job on set:
Set Costumer

I’m one of the people in charge of wardrobe continuity. I make sure the actors are ready for the day and that the director is happy with that they see. Then I try to maintain that look throughout the “day” of the script. 

What do you like most about your job?
I work very closely with the actors, props, sound, hair, makeup and script supervisor. All great people!

What’s the worst thing about your job?
The hours

Other people should learn this job, because…
… well, I  started out my career as a tailor in a costume shop. It’s a dying art. Most young people don’t know how to do it, but  as the pandemic proved, sewing is an essential job…making masks etc. Everyone dragged out Grandma’s sewing machine and tried to give it a shot. More people need to learn how!

How long are you working for Chicago PD/MED/Fire?
This will be my 6th season.

My day on set

When are you usually on set in the morning?
Usually around 5am.

How long do you work on a production day?
Usually 12-14 hours 

How many days are you on set per week?
5 days

Behind the cameras

Let´s talk about Set-Secrets

Would you like to tell us something else?
I have an outside relationship, away from set,  with the ladies of the company. We go out to fancy dinners, every few months. Tracy and Lisseth are 2 of the nicest women I’ve ever worked with. They are kind, thoughtful, sincere, funny…lovely ladies. You don’t get to see their funny sides, but they are! Tracy is always laughing and Lisseth likes to surprise the crew, trying to keep up morale. They make coming to work fun and exciting.