Star- Talk

Chris Agos

Name: Chris Agos
Role: ASA Steve Kot (Chicago PD)
Birthday: September 19


Short and FAst

…. Early bird or night owl? Early bird
…. Twitter or Instagram? Twitter
…. Tea or Coffee? Coffee
…. favorite toy as a child? Anything Star Wars
…. favorite snack on set? Usually a banana
…. favorite fast food? Portillo’s hot dogs
…. favorite drink? Iced tea or San Pellegrino
…. last holiday? We visited friends in San Luis Obispo
…. you would spend a lot of money for? Once in a while I’ll splurge on a jacket, which makes no sense since I almost never have a chance to wear jackets.
…. your worst habit? Self criticism
…. one song from your playlist? Anything from Seal. I’m a huge fan.
…. if you could trade places with anyone in the world for one day, who would it be? Tough one, but maybe Jack Fischer, one of the astronauts currently on the International Space Station.
…. a charity you want to talk about? The March of Dimes (Editor´s Note: Website of „The March of Dimes“)

About his role ...

What do you like most about your role?  Steve Kot doesn’t take any B.S.
Do you have something in common with your role? Kot is very left-brained, and I am, too. I think we both make decisions based on logic more than emotion. 
A sentence we’ll soon hear from your role? „I didn’t mean it like that.“

Time on set ...

Most funny person on the set? Jason’s always cracking jokes, and our tech advisor Brian Luce is pretty funny, too.
Most embarrassing situation on set? My first day of shooting season 2, there was a line that I just couldn’t get out of my mouth. I made Jason climb the stairs in the lobby like 15 times. Pretty embarrassing for me, but a good workout for him. How long are you shooting normally on one day?
How long are you shooting normally on one day? I’m pretty lucky in that I’m usually in and out in a couple of hours. There have been 12 hour days, though, and sometimes they’re even longer.
How do you learn your text? I memorize by brute force. I just read it over and over again.
What was the craziest/funniest fan reaction? I was recently the only passenger on a rental car shuttle bus, heading to pick up a car. The driver started chatting with me and after a bit she looked at me with this funny look and said: „You look like this actor, he’s a lawyer on my favorite show, Chicago PD.“ She literally screamed when I told her that I was the guy. I thought she might crash the bus!
Thank you, Chris Agos for our time! It was nice to do our Star-Talk with you!