Star- Talk

Markie Post

Name: Markie Post
Role: Bunny (Chicago PD)
Birthday: November 4, 1950

Death: August 07, 2021



What was the craziest/funniest fan reaction?
Markie Post:
A woman came up to me and said: “ I don’t like you, but my husband does, so would you sign this for him?”

Most embarrassing situation on set?
Markie Post: I can’t bring myself to tell you!

What makes you cry?
Markie Post:
Our current Presidential choice.

You would spend a lot of money for…
Markie Post: My family’s health needs if insurance didn’t pay for it. Or a Tesla.

Who should play you in a movie about your life? And why?
Markie Post:
They wouldn’t do a movie about my life. They would not make any money. But if they did, I would love it if my actress daughter Kate Armstrong Ross played me. That would be fun. And she would be great.

Favorite toy as a child?
Markie Post:
My younger brother.

Favorite fast food?
Markie Post:
In-n-Out Burger

Favorite drink?
Markie Post:
Italian Grapefruit soda. Addicted to it.

Favorite snack while watching TV?
Markie Post:
Trader Joe’s Olive oil popped popcorn. And Starburst candies.

Last holiday?
Markie Post:
Sadly, my husband and I were realizing that we have not gone on holiday for at least ten years, and that one was probably Hawaii. He is a TV writer, and works during the summer months. Our “vacations” (as we called them here in America) are to New York and Washington DC where our girls now live. We love that.

Describe yourself in three words-
Markie Post:
, Emotional, Lucky

What is your favorite quote?
Markie Post:
“Don’t believe everything you think”

What you want to say to your German Fans?
Markie Post:
Well, first of all, if you are a fan, thank you so much. Without you I would not have the career I have. I also have to say to Germany, we arestruggling over here politically. Please do not paint all of America with the Trump brush. Less than a quarter of our citizens voted for him because only half of us voted, a fact of which I am ashamed. Please watch us while we try to put the pieces back together, and if you pray, pray for us.