Hair Department

Phillip Scott Sinclair

aka „P.Scott“. Most people call me „P“ on set

Thank you „P“, for your great answers. 
Hope to meet you one day on set, I would trust you with my hair. 

on set of chicago pD

P about His work on set

What is your job on set:
Hairstylist / Master barber

What do you like most about your job? 
My job is to cut, style, and maintain actors hairstyles on set. Continuity is a big part. For example once the actors hairstyle is established my job is also to maintain that established look in between takes.

I style men and women but specialize in men. Barbering is my area of expertise. It’s my super power lol!

I love the excitement of the job! It’s a very intriguing job. We often shoot at interesting locations. I also enjoy working with the cast and crew all really great people. I love them like family!

Other people should learn this job, because…  
I would say other people should learn this job because there aren’t many doing what I do and there is a great demand for it. Meaning master barbers that work on sets. It is a skill that is highly needed yet there are very few in the industry. I feel that there should be a specialized barber on every set and not just out sourced. I hope to see more opportunities for this position in the future. That was a goal that I wanted to achieve coming into this industry. To pave a way for others like me.

How long are you working for Chicago PD/MED/Fire? 
This will be my 5th season

My day on set

How many days a week on set?  
I usually work 5 days a week.

When are you usually on set in the morning
I usually start work around 5:00 or 6:00 am

How long do you work on a production day
My production day are usually 12-14hr days


Behind the cameras

Let´s talk about Set-Secrets

Funniest Person on set?
The Funniest guy on set I would have to say is Luce but there are a lot of jokesters in our crew. They are all awesome to work with.

My personal funniest moment:
My funniest moment is when I pranked Luce and started a fake Go Fund Me for some old runned down boots that he wore. The joke was that he needed some new boots so we needed help raising money to buy him a new pair. I figured I would give him a taste of his own medicine because he’s always pranking everyone else lol. He’s a great guy, took it well and we all got a good laugh out of it. The flyer remains on the wall to this day 😂

Your favorite filming location is…
We recent filmed at Navy Pier and it was beautiful. Another favorite location was at this corrie we recently shot at. Those are some of my favorites.

Favorite snack on set?
My favorite snack is empanadas and the middle eastern food.

With whom would you like to shoot one day?
I would love to shoot with Will Smith, Quinten Tarantino, Denzel Washington, Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro, and 50 Cent

3 features that people who work with you appreciate at you?
I would like to say people like that I am who I am… a very genuine person. I try to bring positive energy and a great attitude to work everyday. I have a great sense of humor I love to laugh and joke to break up the monotony of work. I’m about productivity and getting the job done to the best of my ability and will help others to do the same.

Would you like to tell us something else?
So the running gag on set for me is that I am the Ping Ping Champion that beat our awesome director at the time Eriq LaSalle. I was supposed to loose lol. It was a big upset because he and everyone else thought that he would win our wrap party ping pong tournament. He was projected to win and bring home the trophy. In the end Luce pranked him with a huge ping pong paddle that everyone signed and told him he would need that next time to beat me. It was hilarious!