Star- Talk

Joe Minoso

Name: Joe Minoso
Role: Joe Cruz (Chicago Fire)
Birthday: September 19, 1978

Short and Fast ...

…. Early bird or night owl?
Early bird.
…. Twitter or Instagram?
I guess Twitter. Don’t really care for either
…. Tea or Coffee?
…. favorite toy as a child?
5 piece voltron action figure
…. favorite snack on set?
Warm lemon poppyseed muffin
…. favorite fast food?

…. favorite drink?

…. last holiday?

Riverbend IN kohler, Wi
…. you would spend a lot of money for?

The perfect home
…. your worst habit?

Putting garbage in my pockets and forgetting it’s there
…. one song from your playlist?

Come live with me.. Ray Charles
…. if you could trade places with anyone in the world for one day, who would it be?

Dwayne Johnson
…. a charity you want to talk about?

I like the Cruz wears his heart on his sleeve.

Role and set ...

OutofOneChicago: What do you like most about your role?
I like that Cruz wears his heart on his sleeve.

OutofOneChicago: A sentence we’ll soon hear from your role?
Copy that Lieutenant.

OutofOneChicago: Most funny person on the set?
Christian Stolte

OutofOneChicago: How long are you shooting normally on one day?
12 to 14 hours

OutofOneChicago: How do you learn your text?
Repetition mostly

OutofOneChicago: What was the craziest/funniest fan reaction?
When a fan started screaming my name in the middle of a target and started to hyperventilate. She is ok!