Star- Talk

Kevin D. Lofton

Name: Kevin D. Lofton
Nickname on Set: Kev


Short & Fast

…. Early bird or night owl? NIGHT
…. Twitter or Instagram? IG
…. Tea or Coffee? TEA
…. favorite toy as a child? TONKA TRUCK
…. favorite snack on set? APPLES
…. favorite fast food? VEGAN PINEAPPLE PIZZA
…. favorite drink? ORGANIC PINEAPPLE JUICE
…. last holiday? NEW YEAR’S EVE
…. you would spend a lot of money for? HEALTHY FOOD
…. I could not give up in my life? WATER
…. How much time do you spend on your phone every day? MAYBE 4 HRS TOTAL
…. one song from your playlist? SADE – SOLDIER OF LOVE
…. if you could trade places with anyone in the world for one day, who would it be? DENZEL WASHINGTON
…. your parents wanted to see you in what job for you? ATTORNEY 
…. a charity you want to talk about? SUSAN G. KOMEN

TO ALL MY FANS: “Take care of your body now, so that it can take care of you later.”