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Rick Eid talks about Sophia Bushs exit & Jon Sedas return and more

Here is a interview from Rick Eid the new boss of Chicago PD – Production. He was talking with Hollywoodreporter about Sophia Bush, Jon Seda and much more…

Read the complete interview with much more questions and much more info here!

Short preview from the interview: 

Hollywoodreporter.com: What other pairings are you excited for this season?
In the real world in the police department, it’s not always that you go out with your quote unquote partner, you just go with someone who’s there. We’ve got so many great actors that we’ll see a lot of people paired together throughout the season. But I think the Ruzek-Atwater pairing is exciting. There’s some interesting stuff going on with those two, again, speaking to what’s going on in society. These are two guys with two different perspectives on the world and I think it’s great to have those guys together as they’re navigating this sort of complicated maze of political and social issues.
Antonio and Burgess will be paired together, which will be interesting and exciting. She’s new and learning, and Antonio’s an old pro so watching those two interact will be great. And then, Halstead and Upton, I think, ultimately will be a very interesting partnership.

Hollywoodreporter.com: Jon Seda’s character is coming back onto the team after moving to the State’s Attorney’s office so what brings him back into mix? How does that change the dynamic of Intelligence having him back?
He comes back in the season premiere. The case we’re involved in, there’s a need for someone like Antonio, in particular a character that is unknown to the criminal element we’re pursuing so Voight reaches out to Antonio and he becomes involved in the case and ultimately, Voight offers him the job and he decides to stay. When we’re talking amongst the writers, there’s a war going on out there and he wants to be part of it. I think he felt like he might have been a little bit on the sidelines more at the State’s Attorney’s office and he wants to be in the middle of the fire. So that’s why he comes back.
The idea of why Voight wants him back is, with all the oversight and all the eyes watching this unit, a standup, solid, morally unassailable character like Antonio is great for Voight. He’s a guy that will keep him in check hopefully.

Complete interview on http://www.hollywoodreporter.com


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