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Jon Seda talking about: How will Antonio come back? Find it out here!

Jon Seda talks with TVLine about the new season of Chiacago PD.
We have a short preview – read the complete interview here!

TVLINE | How does Antonio react to the fact that Lindsay’s not there anymore?
Jon Seda: It’s hard. Antonio misses her. But he has to come back and do his job as best he can. Maybe they will have scenes where she’s calling and talking on the phone or something. I don’t know. Like I said, you really don’t have time to stop and think about it. You’ve just got to move on.

TVLINE | He’s not a shoulder to lean on for brokenhearted Jay?
Jon Seda: [Laughs] He always has a shoulder for Jay.

TVLINE | Does Antonio come back in as a detective?
Jon Seda: Yeah, he comes back as a detective. The Intelligence team is working a case where they’re trying to go after this certain suspect, and they hit a bump where they need to bring someone in that this guy… does not know, and that turns out to be Antonio. He helps them with this case, which leads to his coming back.

Copryright by: TVLine.com

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