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Jesse Lee Soffer talks about “Bad Choices” and Jay´s life without Lindsay

Jesse Lee Soffer gave an interview to ET-Online about Jay´s life without Lindsay and about the last episode.

Preview from ET-Online:

ET-Online: What is Halstead seeking in his life?

Jesse Lee Soffer: He’s not aiming for anything, which is a problem. The Pandora’s box opens up after the little girl gets killed. He’s got all these emotions he’s running from that he’s hiding from. The reason that he gets involved with Camila is to keep running. Anything to not feel what’s going on inside, to not be introspective and self-aware, and to run from all those deeper feelings, which is part of the reason he goes undercover in the first place. That’s where he’s at. He’s in limbo.

ET-Online: Looking ahead, what are you excited for viewers to see?

Jesse Lee Soffer: He’s going through something that’s transformative. We haven’t seen him struggle and be a mess and really [screw] up and be wrong about so many things. To watch him be out of control and then find himself again, hopefully build himself back stronger, that’ll be exciting.

Read the complete interview here: ET-Online.


And here is another interview with Jesse from: Hollywoodreporter

Hollywoodreporter: We’ve known about Halstead’s military background since the start of the show but why was now the right time to explore it to this extent? Why is his PTSD such a factor now?

Jesse Lee Soffer: Well, we never had fully explored it and I think this season, Rick and [executive producer/director] Eriq [La Salle] and our producers, they’ve created some new storylines and they’re kind of doing these mini-movie episodes with characters every week where someone gets to really be highlighted and show where this person’s at in their life, where they came from, stuff like that and it’s been really fun.

Hollywoodreporter: What kind of research did you do, particularly for those heavier scenes involving his PTSD?

Jesse Lee Soffer: I talked to a couple of people who have served and dealt with stuff like this before, and then you kind of put your own interpretation on things.

Hollywoodreporter: There had been a lot of speculation about who Halstead’s first post-Lindsay love interest would be and when that would happen. Why was now the right time?

Jesse Lee Soffer: I don’t know if it is the right time, I guess the fans will have to respond to that. They might think it’s the wrong time entirely. But I think we needed to see the character grow past Lindsay’s character leaving. So much of who he was on the show was tied into her character and he needed a new coming-of-age story this season for sure to get past all of that. Really, this season is a series of trials and tribulations to see how he comes out the other side.

Read the complete interview here: Hollywoodreporter





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