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Interview with Patrick John Flueger

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Name: Patrick John Flueger

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OutofOneChicago: You just finished shooting episode 100 of Chicago PD. When you start working on this series, did you ever think this could happen?
Patrick John Flueger: No, that was not in my mind at the time. It´s a big deal to even get a tv show, let alone to get it on air, and get people to watch.
These are all very difficult tasks, much less to getting it to 100 episodes. it’s a big feat. I´m honored to be a part of it.

OutofOneChicago: You have been playing Adam for a few years now. What do you see as his greatest trait and his greatest flaw
Patrick John Flueger: I think, that his greatest trait and flaw are the same thing. He is brash, I think this got him in the unit. But I think it´s also what gets in his way sometimes. He acts before he thinks, sometimes he rushes in, which I think is a good thing, but it can bite him in the ass once in a while.

OutofOneChicago:What do you like most about Adam?

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Patrick John Flueger: He is funny. I like the way he comes to his friends. He cares a lot when it comes to Kim Burgess and to Kevin Atwater. But at work he can be kind of a hard ass. He can switch this on and off when he needs to.

OutofOneChicago:Do you see a happy end for Adam and Kim
Patrick John Flueger:I hope so, but it´s more a question for the writers. But Marina and I are really close, we definitely like working together so we hope there is a happy ending, and it´s not just the happy ending, but also the beginning of us working more together again.

OutofOneChicago:Do you have anything in common with him?
Patrick John Flueger:Yeah, a lot I think. His ability to be goofy. In circumstances where you wouldn´t expect somebody to try and find humor or goof around. I definitely share this threat.

OutofOneChicago:What storyline was the most compelling to play this season?
Patrick John Flueger: The scene where Kevin Atwater, my partner was kidnapped. And there was a scene where one of his kidnappers gets shot and killed, and Adam thought it was the only way to find Kevin. He thought the death of the kidnapper would mean Kevin’s death. Going there was a little bit tough. In this scene they brought in LaRoyce, who is one of my best friends in real life and hit him in front of me. The director, walked me away and talked with me about the scene. When we came back they called action and I ran in and who was supposed to be the bad guy was actually LaRoyce, lying on the ground with blood all over him. And this got the waterworks going. This was pretty effective. It was very emotional.
The director gave me permission to really lose it and see this moment as my partner or friend dying.

OutofOneChicago:Last year you visited Europe. What was your favorite part?

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Patrick John Flueger: I never was in Switzerland before. It was my third or forth time in Europe but never was in Switzerland.
We went to Wengen. That was so beautiful. I wasn´t planning going to Switzerland. It was Yuri and Miranda from Fire’s idea and so I just jumped on board and I am so happy I did. We were there only a few days and did a lot of hiking and stuff like that. And I mean the mountains… it was brilliant! I’ll try to get back this year.

OutofOneChicago:Any plans to visit Germany?
Patrick John Flueger: I was in Germany the summer before with my sister and her German friend. I was in Munich and then we went to a small town up in the mountains and it was stunning,too. I´m not planing to come to Germany this year, but maybe next spring. I would like to spend more time there.

OutofOneChicago:If you could spend a day with one of the “OneChicago” characters, which one would it be and why?
Patrick John Flueger: I definitely would spend the day with Kevin Atwater. He´s played by one of my best mates, LaRoyce. So I really would love to spend the day with him, because they are nearly the same on screen and off.


OutofOneChicago: What do you like most about your role?
Patrick John Flueger: I like that Ruzek likes his job. He’s often entering dangerous situations, but still enjoys the work that he’s doing. Ruzek always wants to be the first in the door, that’s how much he loves it.

OutofOneChicago: A sentence we’ll soon hear from your role?
Patrick John Flueger: “Voight is my family, that’s what you don’t understand. They’re all my family. And I’m not giving them up for the likes of you.”

OutofOneChicago: Most funny person on the set?
Patrick John Flueger: Brian Luce, our technical advisor.

OutofOneChicago: How long are you shooting normally on one day?
Patrick John Flueger: A normal production day is 12 to 14 hours.

OutofOneChicago: How do you learn your text?
Patrick John Flueger: I try to go over my lines the night before. I find that if I read them and then sleep on it they settle into my brain that much better.

OutofOneChicago: What was the craziest/funniest fan reaction?
Patrick John Flueger: Jesse and I got into elevator in his building and there was a girl in the elevator. When she saw us, her mouth hit the floor, her eyes got wide and she backed up against wall like she was terrified. She started giggling because she was so excited and could hardly talk to us.

Thank you, Patrick for our time! It very nice speaking with you, hear you soon!

It is forbidden to copy and publish the interview or parts of it without our (written) permission on other pages!

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