Season 1

Season 1 – Episode 1:
Stepping Stone

Air Date: 08.01.2014 (NBC)

Sergeant Hank Voight and his unit, the Intelligence Unit, investigate a brutal murder series whose victims were decapitated. The trail leads to a Colombian drug cartel. Adres Dias, called Pulpo, seems to be behind the murders. A 13-year-old boy witnessed a murder, but does not want to say because he is frightened. Sergeant Voight offers him his help to get out of the corridor. Commander Perry, Sergeant Voight’s rapid ascent, is not quite scary, and he is watching his actions suspiciously. Officer Lindsay and Voight have a special relationship with each other. He saved her life 13 years ago. Lindsay is part of Halstead’s team during the investigation. However, the two have a few understanding difficulties, since Halstead must prove to his pretty colleague necessarily his male strength. In the end, a final battle is fought with the cartel, which not every member of the unit will survive.
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Season 1 – Episode 2:
Wrong Side of the Bars

The Intelligence Unit, a unit headed by Sergeant Hank Voight, is in the middle of an investigation into a drug cartel. The last encounter with the criminals led to a shooting at which Officer Jules was mortally injured. Shortly thereafter, the team reached the news that Diego, the son of Officer Antonio, was abducted. The claim of the kidnappers is on the table: the child will be released if the murdered person is released from custody. Erin Lindsay has the unthankful task of informing Alec Willhite about the death of his wife Julie. Voight blames his adversary Belden for the death of Julia Willhite. Meanwhile, violence is being tried to get out of Pulpo, where Diego is hidden. But this is silent. More luck with Ernesto: With his support and a corresponding technique, the kidnapper can be quickly localized. Erin follows the kidnapper unintentionally. With the help of the driver of the hijack, a motor range is pretended. When the passengers get off, it comes to the access. Are the investigators able to save the child undamaged?

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Season 1 – Episode 3:
Chin Check

Air Date: 22.01.2014 (NBC)

Sergeant Hank Voight has ensured that D’Anthony can live with his aunt. But first he meets Trayzell to negotiate D’Anthony’s exit from the gang. When he does not get involved with this, Voight takes drastic measures. Voight tells Erin Lindsay that his son Justin is released from prison. While she is happy about his release, he is skeptical. Justin is not surprised that his father does not have time for him. Antonio Dawson’s wife Laura insists on meeting his informant Jasmine. He suspects jealousy and arranges a dinner for three. But it turns out that his wife plans something different with this meal. Meanwhile, Halstead visits a family on the seventh day of her son’s death. He meets Lonny Rodeger, whom he considers to be the murderer, and loses his version. The Intelligence Unit monitors the hiding-place of arms dealers. During the search the team finds ‘Copkiller’, smuggled in empty insulin packs. At their place of delivery they discover the body of the representative. In order to find the weapons, Olinsky and Dawson present themselves as prospective customers. In the hideout of the smugglers, it finally comes to a shooting, which ends almost deadly for Olinsky.

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Season 1 – Episode 4:
Now Is Always Temporary

Air Date: 29.01.2014 (NBC)

In a bar, Halstead meets Lonnie and becomes palpable. The deceased boy, Ben, was the younger brother of his ex-girlfriend from the highschool. He found him at the scene. Lonnie is a well-known pedophile and was released only because of his father’s alibis. Voight warns him not to interfere. At a meal, Voight tells his son Justin that he has given him a job with the transport companies. Justin wants to invest instead in a dubious business. It does not take long until he is picked up by a fight. The Intelligence Unit is called to take hostage. Dean Masters has locked himself with a prostitute in his house and threatens to shoot them. The man is no stranger: he was suspected of stolen. Before he can be arrested, he shoots himself. The trail leads to an artist who is shot dead in his gallery. In the back room they find printing plates for counterfeiting. The prostitute Nadia leads her to a small church, where the forged money is stored. The pastor’s course was paid for the murder of the artist. Olinsky has other problems: In the spint of his daughter Lexi Joints were found. She claims that these do not belong to her and he believes her. Instead, he suspects her older friend behind him and takes him.

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Season 1 – Episode 5:
Thirty Balloons

Air Date: 05.02.2014 (NBC)

The team has this time with brutal drug smugglers, the four girlfriends as couriers have been used. One of the girls appears, but the other three are gone.

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Season 1 –  Episode 6:

Air Date26.02.2014 (NBC)

A murder series shocks Chicago: The perpetrator rapes young women and cuts off their ears. When they have a suspect in custody, Voight again crosses the boundaries. Meanwhile, Erin Lindsay has private problems. Her class meeting is on and she asks Halstead to be her fiancée.

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Season 1 – Episode 7:
The Price We Pay

Air Date: 05.03.2014 (NBC)

Sergeant Voights son Justin is involved in a murder case, which shortly afterwards puts the entire unit of the Intelligence Unit to the test. Is the investigator able to save his son from a new stay in prison? Gradishar, head of Internal Audit, offers Antonio a deal to remove Voight permanently from his office.

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Season 1 – Episode 8:
Different Mistakes

Air Date: 12.03.2014 (NBC)

The Intelligence Unit, headed by Sergeant Hank Voight, tracks the Chinese mafia’s footsteps and receives unexpected support. The interior revision gets a new supervisor whose ultimate goal is to finally destroy Voight’s police career.

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Season 1 – Episode 9:
A Material Witness

Air Date: 19.03.2014 (NBC)

In its latest case, the Intelligence Unit determines the drug environment. Lexi, the daughter of Officer Olinsky, has become a witness to an assassination attempt that triggered a guerilla war – and brings Lexi as a main burden to life.

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Season 1 – Episode 10:
At Least It’s Justice

Air Date: 02.04.2014 (NBC)

Officer Halstead, a member of the Intelligence Unit, is suspected of being murdered and suspended. Can he prove his innocence on his own? The team also investigates another murder case. The body of a doctor who is responsible for the identification of DNA in criminal cases is discovered in the trunk of an accident car. The list of people who benefit from the death of the man is however longer than intended.

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Season 1 – Episode 11:
Turn the Light Off

Air Date: 09.04.2014 (NBC)

In their latest case, the Intelligence Unit detects in a robbery raid, where the perpetrators have a considerable amount of cash and four security guards have to leave their lives. Burgess volunteers for a dangerous undercover mission, to put the perpetrators the craft.

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Season 1 – Episode 12:
8:30 PM (2)

Air Date: 30.04.2014 (NBC)

A devastating bombing is committed to Chicago Medical. The track leads the Intelligence Unit team to a right-wing fanatic who wants to avenge his parents. For the evening he plans a second attack. Will the investigators succeed in finding the bomb in time and thwarting another bloodbath?

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Season 1 – Episode 13:
My Way

Air Date:  07.05.2014 (NBC)

To put a dangerous drugbob on the craft, the team of the Chicago P.D. To a deal with a criminal: Pulpo Diaz, also a drug baron and hijacking of Antonios son, is to give the investigators the crucial tip. But the latter is driving a life-threatening game according to his rules.

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Season 1 – Episode 14:
The Docks

Air Date:  14.05.2014 (NBC)

After the shooting with the drug baron Pulpo, Antonio is hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. Voight and his team are doing everything they can to put Pulpo on the right hand, and do not be afraid of unfair methods. Meanwhile, Jin succeeds in stealing Voith’s suspicions of being spied on Sumner. She loses her job at the Intelligence Unit.

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Season 1 – Episode 15:
A Beautiful Friendship

Air Date:  21.05.2014 (NBC)

On a construction site 50 kilograms of explosives disappear. Enough to make a whole block of flats equal to the ground. Hanks team is under pressure – and has to cope with internal problems at the same time.

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Season 1 – Episode 16:
Call It Macaroni

Air Date: 24.09.2014 (NBC)

Sergeant Hank Voight continues to work on the murder of Sheldon Jin. Meanwhile, a group called “Shadow” tries to panic the residents of Chicago with various attacks.

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