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Hello Chicago PD – Crew,

thank you so much for answering our Chicago PD Crew-Talk.

I also worked on set a few years ago and I know how much all the people behind the cameras are working, but many people know nothing about this jobs. And we should change this.

So it would be amazing if you fill out this short “Crew-Talk” and get a part of this very special page about Chicago PD Cast & Crew.

You can send the answer via Email / Facebook message / Twitter message / Instagram message.
Contact: crew-members@outofonechicago.com



Pls also show it around on set – so maybe one day, everyone is on this page.


About you:
Picture: (Pls send a pic I am allowed to use on the page)


Job Description
Your job on set:
Short description what are you doing on set:
How long are you working for Chicago PD?


IF you have more time – Answer the ones you like!!

Your work on set:
When are you usually on set in the morning?
How long do you work on a production day?
How many days are you on set per week?
What do you like most about your job?
What’s the worst thing about your job?
Other people should learn this job, because…
Funniest person on set?
Funniest moment on set?
Your favorite filming location?
Your favorite snack on set?
Who is the funniest on set?
With whom would you like to shoot one day?
3 features that people who work with you appreciate at you?

Would you like to tell us something else? Maybe a running gag on set? 😉


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