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Thank you for visiting the link and read more info about this great charity.
If you only want to donate: HERE IS THE LINK!!
Donations goes directly to the organisation!

If you want some more info here you go:

Many actors and crew-members support this organisation.
Every year are some events with many of the OneChicago-Actors, they also made short trailer and also some movies for this great charity.

PATRICK LIVES ON…is a group of loving and determined citizens taking a stand in support of the safety of all school-age children in the Chicagoland area.
Patrick Lives On provides financial assistance to junior high and high school students for extra-curricular activities enabling them to lead positive and productive paths in life.
In addition, The Patrick Boswell Courage Award has been established for Chicago Metro 8th graders to encourage and reward students who resist violence.
The Patrick Lives On message is distributed through the production of Public Service Announcements, Anti-Violence and Inspirational-themed Short-Films, and Charity Fundraising Events designed to drive community and corporate awareness

You can also find many info on our special page about Patrick lives on…

So if you can and want – pls make a small donation to get the kids of the streets – end gun violence!

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