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Role: Jailer
Director: David Alford, Robert Archer Lynn
Starring: Elias Koteas, Julian McMahon, Dagmara Dominczyk

Golden Globe® winner Julian McMahon of NIP/TUCK stars as arrogant Hollywood director Derek Plato, who has announced that his next film will be a violent prison drama. But while scouting locations alone in an abandoned penitentiary, Plato is taken hostage by a sadistic jailer (Elias Koteas of THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT and ZODIAC) and held captive on death row. Now Derek is faced with two desperate choices: Answer a series of brutally personal questions on camera, or be strapped into the electric chair. Even if Plato s darkest secrets can be unlocked, who or what is behind his cruel countdown to execution? Kim Raver (THIRD WATCH, 24), Tom Guiry (MYSTIC RIVER, BLACK HAWK DOWN), Rocky Carroll (NCIS) and Dagmara Dominczyk co-star in this intense psychological thriller with a final killer twist.

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