Elias Koteas- Resume

2019 Cipher Hal Berek  
2014-2018 Chicago P.D. Alvin Olinsky  
2016-2018 Chicago Med Alvin Olinsky  
2017 My Days of Mercy Simon click for more
2013-2017 Chicago Fire Alvin Olinsky  
2017 Chicago Justice Alvin Olinsky  
2013 Jake Squared Jake Klein click for more
2013 Devil’s Knot Jerry Driver  
2013 The Killing James Skinner  
2013 Now You See Me Lionel Shrike  
2013 Last Days on Mars Charles Brunel click for more
2012 Unforgettable Sam Rhodes  
2011 Harold & Kumar Sergei Katsov  
2011 Dream House Boyce  
2011 Winnie Major de Vries click for more
2011 Combat Hospital Col. Xavier Marks, MD, CF click for more
2011 Die! Clay Tarpin click for more
2010 Let Me In The Policeman click for more
2010 Die! Mark Murdock  
2010 My Own Love Song Dean  
2010 Shutter Island Laeddis click for more
2010 3 Backyards John click for more
2010 The Killer Inside Me Joe Rothman click for more
2009 The Fourth Kind Abel Campos click for more
2009 Defendor Chuck Dooney click for more
2009 I Come with the Rain Hasford click for more
2009 The Haunting in Connecticut Reverend Popescu click for more
2009 Saving Grace William Drugh  
2008 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Monsieur Gateau click for more
2008 CSI: New York Joe / Douglas Anderson  
2008 Dark Streets The Lieutenant click for more
2008 Two Lovers Ronald Blatt  
2007 The Girl in the Park Raymond click for more
2017 Prisoner Jailer click for more
2017 Shooter Jack Payne click for more
2017 Zodiac Sgt. Jack Mulanax  
2005-2006 American Dad Jim  
2006 Dr. House Jack Moriarty  
2006 Skinwalkers Jonas Talbot click for more
2006 Conviction Mike Randolph  
2005 The Big Empty The Specialist  
2005 Das größte Spiel seines Lebens Arthur Ouimet  
2004 Traffic Mike McKay click for more
2002 Die Sopranos Dominic Palladino  
2002 S1m0ne Hank Aleno  
2002 Ararat Ali / Jevdet Bay  
2002 Collateral Damage Peter Brandt click for more
2001 Shot in the Heart Gary Gilmore click for more
2001 Novocaine Harlan Sangster  
2000 Lost Souls John Townsend click for more
2000 Harrison’s Flowers Yeager Pollack click for more
2000 Dancing at the Blue Iguana Sully  
1998 Divorce: A Contemporary Western Matt click for more
1998 Thin red line Capt. Staros click for more
1998 Wachgeküßt The Kisser  
1998 Der Musterschüler Archie  
1998 Fallen Edgar Reese click for more
1997 Gattaca Antonio  
1996 Hit Me Sonny Rose click for more
1996 Crash Vaughan click for more
1995 Der Pate und das Showgirl Butch Blasi  
1995 Power of Attorney Paul Dellacroce click for more
1995 God’s Army Thomas Dagget  
1994 Camilla Vincent Lopez click for more
1994 Exotica Eric / Club’s DJ click for more
1993 Cyborg 2 Colton Ricks  
1993 Turtles III Casey Jones / Whit  
1992 Contact Mohannan  
1992 Haus der Drachen Wally Smith  
1992 Chain of Desire Jesus  
1991 Der Schätzer Noah  
1990 Beinahe ein Engel Steve Garner  
1990 Kuck’ mal, wer da spricht – Teil 2 Stuart  
1990 24 Stunden in seiner Gewalt Wally Bosworth  
1990 Im Dschungel der Unterwelt Wizard  
1990 Turtles Casey Jones  
1989 Friends, Lovers, & Lunatics Davey  
1989 Blood Red Silvio  
1988 Malarek Victor Malarek  
1988 Die Trottel vom Texas-Grill Jimmy  
1988 Die Trottel vom Texas-Grill Alex Tremulis  
1988 Onassis Young Aristotle Onassis  
1988 Crime Story Jerry Travers  
1988 She’s Having a Baby Elias Koteas (uncredited)  
1987 Der steinerne Garten Pete Deveber  
1987 Ist sie nicht wunderbar? Skinhead  
1985 Wenn Träume wahr wären Eddie  
1985 Private Sessions Johnny O’Reilly  
1980 Atlantic City Extra (uncredited)  
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