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“Abi” Short Film

Site-Note: As you know our site is a website about Chicago PD Cast and Crew – this movie is a project of Timothy Troy, a crew member of Chicago PD and therefore part of our site.

“Abi” Short Film

Our film is about a scientist who creates an organic computer which develops a virus that infects his lab assistant, Abi, driving her dangerously insane. We

absolutely love sci-fi and horror, and we want to make a film that people like us will love. All the contributions are going right up on the screen, into locations, props, set dressing, FX, and all the other things that make a good story look great! – Timothy Troy

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Abi is a short sci-fi horror film about a scientist named Vincent Forrester who creates an organic computer with the help of his assistants Abi and Julie. A catastrophic virus has infected the prototype bio-processing system, and as they race to save their work, the virus jumps from computer to human and infects Abi. Now her violent madness puts much more than careers at risk…

We love making movies, especially the kind of genre films we grew up with. We’ve loved sci-fi and horror movies pretty much since we understood what movies were. Monsters, spaceships, mad scientists, things that go bump in the night– these were the films we were drawn to, and naturally these are the films we want to make as well.

So Abi is 100% a love letter to all those genre influences we wear on our sleeves. Abi is the kind of film we want to watch, and we hope it’s a film you’ll want to watch too.

There’s nothing better for a filmmaker than sharing their movie with an audience where the oohs, aaahs, and screams all come at just the right place. We want you to experience that good feeling too!


Also Jesse Lee Soffer supports this project:



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